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Soeren Hoessermann

Nordic Hamburg Group 

Since 2009 Anne Thiesen has been our reliable partner in Hong Kong. Her and the team’s commitment in supporting the establishment of our subsidiaries in Asia as well as driving our business development through their extensive network has been a valuable factor of our continuous expansion in the Far East. 

Andrea Schoenfelder

Aug. Bolten 

Aug. Bolten HKG has co-operated with Anne Thiesen since 2015. Her services during the launching of our branch office here in Hong Kong were exceptional and till today we benefit from her broad network in Hong Kong and her direct contact to local authorities. We look forward too many more years of working with ATL.

Axel Mattern
CEO Port of Hamburg Marketing

Together with our national and international offices, we reach businesses all along the worldwide transport chains in seaborne foreign trade. All our activities aim to promote the common interests of the port and are neutral in respect to individual companies and competition in general. We are really happy about Anne Thiesen’s eminent support in the interest of the Port of Hamburg. 

NRW Invest

Anne Thiesen has been advisor to NRW.INVEST in Hong Kong since 2009. She continuously expanded our relationship with local decision makers and organized valuable networking events for our visiting executives. We highly appreciate Anne’s dedicated high level support and her well established and sustainable wide relationship with the local business community, associations and government representatives. 

Michael Katzmarck
CEO, Die Deutsche Hong Kong Gesellschaft e.V. 

Shortly after Anne’s arrival in Hong Kong in 2005 I met her the first time. Ever since we have been collaborating regarding many Hong Kong & Germany related projects. Anne has always impressed me with her integrity and very good work ethics. She is passionate about going the extra step to deliver what she has committed, namely in quality and on time.  Anne was very instrumental in initiating the setting up of the Hamburg Chapter of the German Hong Kong Society (Deutsche Hong Kong Gesellschaft) several years ago.

Yuan Yue 
Deputy Director General,
Guangzhou Port Authority

I met Anne Thiesen for the first time in 2015, since then we have worked together on many different and varied projects. Most importantly, the cooperation really benefits both of us, it has been a pleasure to work with her and her team. I find Anne Thiesen to be a most reliable, trustworthy and responsible partner!

Hagen von Jouanne
Interior Designer

Anne Thiesen and her team are our partners engaged with the introduction of our product innovation Plancher-Plus by Hagen von Jouanne in the markets of Hong Kong, Greater China and other Asian Pacific regions. Anne’s integrity and outstanding commitment as well as her extensive network generated the best starting conditions for these challenges

Joachim Pawlik
Pawlik Consultants GmbH

Anne Thiesen's individual projects for specific customers have been handled to our fullest satisfaction from start to finish. When we decided to enter the Asian market, Anne won the selection. Starting a business abroad always requires a person you can trust. We have known Anne since 2004 and have always appreciated her honesty, open communication, hardworking attitude and team spirit. Her rich network translates into  powerful value for her customers and business partners

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