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NRW Invest Spring Dinner 2018

On January 24, nearly 80 German and Chinese leaders from the political and business sectors in Hong Kong and cities along the east coast of the Pearl River such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jieyang and Shantou visited Shenzhen. They gathered at the Spring Dinner of NRW.Invest China/Guangzhou to celebrate the friendship between the two countries, recognize and deepen the successful partnerships of companies and executives and create further joint business opportunities in China and Germany.

Leading off, Mr. Christian Engels, General Manager of AHK Guangzhou (Foreign Chamber of Commerce Germany), gave the speech and praised NRW, the State of North Rhine Westphalia, the largest German Federal state by population and GDP leader with strong innovative capabilities. All this is making NRW an ideal choice for Chinese companies and private persons to invest in Germany. He also recognized the assistance and services provided by NRW.Invest in support of Chinese companies investing in Germany.

Mr. Dong Yanze, the Deputy Director-General of Shenzhen Ports and Cargo Transportation Administration Bureau, shared with the guests the major and latest highlight achievements by Shenzhen in developing the international ports group under the themes of “Smart Port” and “Green Port” during the past year. Mr. Dong Yanze stated he would personally ensure that Shenzhen and NRW could maintain close cooperation and exchanges with NRW to promote the sustainable development of ports and logistics in China and Germany. He further stressed that while NRW is not connected to the ocean, with Duisburg Ruhrort in its state it owns the largest inner waterway port in the world, also one destination point of the Silk Road.

The Chief Representative of NRW.Invest China/Beijing Mr. Xingliang Feng gave the final speech and a presentation on investment opportunities in NRW. In 2017, a total of 84 Chinese companies were established in NRW by facilitation of NRW.Invest. More than 1,000 Chinese companies launched and controlled their German and European business activities in NRW. It proves that the NRW is offering tangible values to Chinese investors. These advantages and opportunities are not only leveraged by investors from China but also other Asian countries, making NRW the federal state with the highest level of foreign investments in Germany.

The performances of Sichuan Opera ‘changing faces’ brought the dinner atmosphere to the climax. The participants greeted and exchanged update information. It was affirmed that NRW.Invest provided efficient and professional services to help companies go abroad to settle in NRW. Apart from this, it also praised the Spring Dinner playing a key role in promoting the mutual understanding of enterprises and reaching intentions in cooperation.

NRW.Invest and the guests toasted together to the strong friendship between NRW and China and hoped that the future cooperation would be closer to jointly promote the economic development of China and Germany.

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